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Exposing A Couple Of Myths About Vehicle Donations

by Vicky Price

Charities can provide your local community with a number of vital forms of support to vulnerable individuals. There are many people that assume the only way that they can help charities is by donating money. However, you should be aware that donating your old car can be an excellent way of helping charities in your local community. If this is not a way that you have supported charities in the past, you may need to have a couple of misconceptions dispelled.

Myth: There Are No Benefits To Donating Your Vehicle

There is a common belief among some people that they will not get anything in return for donating their vehicle. As a result, they may be hesitant about donating something as valuable as an old car. Fortunately, this is not the case, and you will find that these donations are tax deductible. The exact amount of your deduction will be determined by the value of the car that you donated.

To claim these tax deductions, you will need to retain the paperwork from the charity. Typically, these documents will include the federal identification number for the charity, the date of the donation and the value of the donated car. If you lose these papers over the course of the year, you may be able to get replacements from the charity, but there may be a small processing fee.

Myth: Your Car Must Be In Working  Condition To Be Donated

There is another common misconception that your car will need to be in working condition in order for a charity to be able to get money for it. However, this is not the case as there are a number of ways to get compensation for nonworking cars. For example, it can be possible to sell the cars for scrap or spare parts. Additionally, there are many manufacturers that buy back old model cars as a way to remove older versions of their cars from the market. By taking advantage of these options, a charity can extract value from even the most dilapidated vehicles.

Donating your truck or car to a charity can be an excellent way of earning a tax deduction while also helping your community. Unfortunately, if you assume that there are no incentives for donating or that these cars must be in working condition, you may not be able to adequately weigh this option. By having these notions dispelled, you will find yourself better able to evaluate whether vehicle donation is a good fit for your situation.